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About Making College Worth It
Are you looking for an educational consultant in Marietta, GA, that will help parents get the most out of the college scholarships for their kids? At Making College Worth It, Jim Anderson works around the clock to assist you in acquiring a higher education at a reasonable price. 

Saving Money For College
Jim's goal is to educate families in how to save money as well as provide a plan that procures the least amount of student debt possible. His solutions resolve funding necessities in the present while ensuring the smallest amount of debt is procured. He wants to help you send your kids to college while avoiding breaking the bank.

To deliver the best service, Jim dedicates time to learning about you and your child's goals so he can formulate the best plan for your unique situation. He never cuts corners or provides "cookie-cutter" solutions - he is focused on serving you and your individual needs. 

About the Process
As a college financial aid advisor, Jim has an extensive background in finances and will help you plan out the perfect plan for your children. He looks at scholarship options as well as potential competitions and the like. From this process, he starts to look at decisions that you can make to save money as well as devise other solutions. 

Lastly, he provides a free initial consultation as well as provides his service at half-price to siblings of clients.

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